Wet Shaving

Wet Shaving was once a ritual that men such as my grandfather took part in everyday grooming. Over the last 30 years, it seemed it lost it's touch since companies shifted over to disposable cartridge razors and gels. Last year, my best friend introduced it to me through The Art of Manliness. Since June of 2014, I started the experience with the purchase of creams such as Proraso and purchasing an affordable badger brush I purchased on Amazon. For a while, I was comfortable with this since the creams and brush were already making a difference in terms of slickness and protection for my face. However, I wasn't getting the full experience without having a double edge safety razor since I was continuing to use a cartridge razor. So last month, I decided to purchase a Merkur 34C. This is considered an all time favorite for wet shavers from beginners to experts.

The current products I have acquired in over of the course of a year. As you can tell, the I have gone through quite a lot of Proraso since it was the only cream I was using for the first 10 months.

Soap Commander Endurance, Merkur 34C, Semogue 620 Brush.

I was watching from Youtube channels and have been inspired from many wet shavers who offer their expertise along with their experience with different soaps, creams, blades, brushes, and blah blah blah the list just keeps going....Over the course of the previous month, I have also taken the opportunity to experience with different soaps and creams. As pictured above, I gave the Soap Commander a try. They are a small mom-and-pop business based out Alabama and when I was browsing the multitude scents they offer, I saw that their "Endurance" scent is a take on the original Old Spice scent. As cliche as it sounds, my grandpa is an Old Spice guy and I can say this felt like I went back in time to the times I spent living with my grandparents during my childhood.

One of my personal favorites. Razorock Essential Oil of Lime. I'm a big fan of citrus scents.

I dedicate this first blog to give my thanks to the shaving community on Youtube for getting me into this new hobby and passion that I pursue along with photography and cars. Stay tuned because I will be reviewing Wet Shaving products with write ups and videos along with posting articles of my latest photoshoots. Cheers!